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What are blended classes?

Blended courses provide an integration of online and traditional classroom environments. While still offering students face-to-face time with instructors, blended courses are partially taught online, giving students a greater degree of flexibility and convenience.

How do I find out what blended classes are being offered?

Blended Course Offerings

To view a comprehensive list of blended courses offered through the College of Arts and Sciences in a particular semester at OU:
1. Log in to oZone.
2. Click <Look up Classes>
3. Select the applicable Term or Date Range and click <Submit>.
4. Click <Advanced Search>.
5. Select Blended Course as the Instructional Method.
6. Select Arts and Science course as the Attribute type.

You may also view class availability at the OU Class Nav website.
Select "Blended" as the Delivery Method.
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