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Getting Started

How do I access my online class?
What is the Orientation and where do I find it?
How do I register for classes online?
What are the basic computer requirements for online classes?
Is it important to use my OU email account?
How do I buy books for my online class?

How to be Successful Online

What can I do to be successful in an online course?
Academic Integrity

Summer Session Online

If I take an online summer class, will I be working on it all summer long?
What are the tuition and fees associated with summer online courses?
Why should I take online classes in the summer?
How can I find out more about summer session?
What types of classes are offered in the summer?

Enrolling in an Online Class

How do I find out which classes are being offered online?
How do I enroll for online courses?
If I have questions about how online courses fit into my degree, who should I contact?
What are the tuition and fees associated with online classes?

Campus Support & Resources

What resources are available on campus to help me with my online courses?
I need technical support for my online class. Who should I contact?
Which browser plug-ins do I need for online courses?